Our Team

Julien Läderach
Human Capital Expert

Passionate about meeting people and discovering different cultures, Julien has travelled to more than 40 countries. He worked extensively in the Learning and Development field in Asia and Europe. In 2009, he established an Institute in Geneva, specialized in training employees to work well in a multicultural environment. Under his leadership, the Institute has successfully delivered training programs to many companies in Geneva and abroad, such as Multinational Corporations, Banks, International Organizations and Educational Institutions. During the last decade, Julien trained more than 5000 professionals across the globe.


During his work in Asia, he acquired a deep understanding of the eastern culture and philosophy. His curiosity led him to learn and practice Mindfulness and Meditation. To deepen his knowledge, he sought training directly by one of the students of Jon Kabat-Zinn, father of the western understanding of Mindfulness. Convinced by the high potential of Mindfulness to transform one’s life and emotional well-being, Julien has been applying its principles to his training programs.


Julien has been awarded a Master’s Degree in Human Geography specialized in Economic and Social History at the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences by the University of Geneva, Switzerland. He is also a certified meditation teacher from the International Yoga Alliance, Virginia, USA.



Aarti Agrawal
Mindfulness Expert

Aarti spent more than 25 years studying and practising Meditation and Mindfulness in India. She has been passionate about these topics, way before they became mainstream in the western world.


She has more than 10 years of international experience working in various areas as Finance, IT and Environmental Markets and has travelled across continents for her work. Since the early stage of her professional career, she realized that chronic stress at work erodes people’s work performance and happiness. She then used the principles of Mindfulness and helped colleagues in coping with difficult situations and prevention of burnout. The success of her interventions led her to design and deliver training programs geared towards building resilience, managing chronic stress and enhancing emotional well-being at the workplace. 


Aarti's vision is to create a work culture where everyone can realise his or her full potential by finding harmony between the doing and the being.


Aarti has been awarded an MBA Degree with specialization on the management of International Organization by the University of Geneva, Switzerland and a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from a reputed University in India. She is also a certified meditation teacher from the International Yoga Alliance, Virginia, USA.


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